Sunday, November 14, 2010


#1 tip for heath and weight loss is = drink water

It's just a combination of molecules but water is a large and important part of our daily lives. A little hydrogen combined with oxygen and there comes the simple, clear liquid that could aid not only in weight loss but general health.

The general rule for water drinking per day is 8 x 8: meaning 8 glasses that are 8 ounces per day. Despite this fact, it's much easier said than done to create a pattern of drinking enough water on a daily place. Here are some tips from online along with both benefits and disadvantages involved in drinking water.

1. Remember that the 8x8 rule is a generalization. Different people have different requirements. For example, if living in a very hot and dry climate and/or spending lots of time outside working then drink more water. Also, after exercising it is recommended to drink a glass of water at least.

2. Keep track for a week or even a month, whichever length of time works to make the move from conscious effort to unconscious habit.

3. Water purification systems can help. It's not easy when dealing with tap water that isn't very good quality and buying water in bottles has its own setbacks/problems. It can make water feel a bit safer, depending on the state of the tap water.

4. Adding flavor can make it easier to get in all 8 glasses and make it seem less monotonous. It can be as easy as adding a touch of lime or lemon juice or anything like that.

5. Another option can be to eat water loaded foods, like watermelon. Cranberry juice is also recommended as it has urinary health benefits.

While it is a good and healthy habit, there are some disadvantages to drinking water on a regular basis.

1. The most obvious disadvantage to regular water drinking is the increased frequency of urination. While inconvenient, it is a good thing for the body's system. Just remember things like, maybe don't drink a lot of water right before going to bed unless you want to get up in the middle of the night (hopefully people get up in that situation, lol).

2. There is such thing as drinking too much water. This is especially the case for someone with digestive or kidney conditions. So, remember it's not always the more, the better.

3. While other drinks that can be useful for the existence of electrolytes, some of those drinks have acids that can erode the enamel of teeth.

Overall, water is a very useful liquid for a person. I haven't even gotten into the actual benefits of drinking water, but remember that it can be useful on a journey for health and weight loss. So, don't forget in the midst of a hectic day to drink a few glasses of water.