Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bowling as Exercise

Bowling is fun. And it counts as exercise as long as it's not accompanied with tons of fried food and booze.

According to the fitness tracker on Sparkpeople, an hour of bowling burns 346. An hour and a half supposedly burns around 518 of them. While I don't know if it burns quite that much, I do know I sweat just from the three games I have to bowl each week for league. Not sure if it's 500 calories worth of sweating but some calories are being burned at least.

The good part is, I get to do this exercise once a week and it's one I enjoy. I have been bowling since I was little. The first year I bowled in a league I was 5 years old. Bowled in leagues all the way up till college, which included a few years of high school where I was in regular league and travel league. Received a small scholarship from winning a Coca-Cola sponsored tournament. Freshman year of college I bowled in a women's league and second year, when I transferred to Utah, I bowled on a competitive college team. One of my bowling balls I received for free from Storm because I was on the college team.

I took a break from bowling after I hurt my back during summer league at home. And that injury is part of the reason I have arthritis now. So, I took a break but now I'm back to bowling and very happy about it. Even when I hurt bowling, I love it.

It's always good to do something you love.

How about You: Do you bowl?