Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Plan

Time for the second post. I've been working out and trying to eat healthier for a week. It's going good so far. One week down and many weeks to go.

I have several goals with this blog and my weight loss journey overall. Obviously, my main focus is on becoming a healthier super hero, but I also hope to some day get followers and help others on their own battles. For now, I'll post about myself and we'll see where that takes us (the current, non-existing us).

Right now I don't have an overall goal picked. I'd like to be healthier and in better shape but those are very generic goals. That's something I'm going to have to work on and those will be discussed in length on this blog because goals are important (in my oh so humble opinion).

For the blog, I do have a plan of sorts. I have a schedule.

Blog Schedule

Monday-Wednesday is Nutrition.

The posts on those days, with wednesday being a mix between this and the next topic, will be geared towards the nutrition side. This will vary from stuff like food, minerals, vitamins, etc. I'm not a doctor, or a dietician, but I will do research. I have a nutrition book and the internet. Since I don't travel much right now in the saving the world endeavor, I have developed my research skills. It's always good to do research... best to know beforehand and be prepared.

They can be on any of the three days, more than one even though it's doubtful that I'll post three nutrition posts in a row. Wednesday is there in case I don't get a chance to post monday or tuesday.

Wednesday-Friday is Fitness.

Here I'll discuss various forms of fitness/exercise. They can be anything from working out while cleaning (Yes, no matter your gender you can clean house and do some exercise at the same time. Cleaning is good for you.), fitness equipment, dvds, or programs like spinning classes and workouts that have infomercials. I won't buy all equipment though just to test out cause my funds are low at this point but who knows what the future will hold. And if it's a type I don't have much experience then I'll just do a discussion on what it entails without giving too much opinion. Okay, if I have a reason not to do it, I may explain but I won't rag on it since not every exercise works for every person.

Saturday-Sunday is Variety.
Here I will post different things. They can be interviews with other people or Q&A with me. Progress reports might be done here, or any day really. Sometimes, hopefully, the topics will be fun or even humorous. It's a free for all, whatever I feel like posting type of two days. Anything goes!

That is the schedule for this blog. As for my other plans, for now they are just dreams and I'll keep them in mind but let's see how this goes. First things first. Need to follow other blogs and maybe get a few followers on my own. And keep exercising and eating healthier. Sounds like a plan!