Thursday, July 15, 2010

Who am I?

Greetings. I am Amai, aka the Amai*Zing and I am a Super Hero.

It's true.

So, what am I doing here? Well, I'm on my most difficult battle (to date) and it's not with a criminal or super villain. My battle is with my stomach. I am an overweight super hero who needs a little help and motivation to lose the weight because let's be honest... it's hard to save the world as a fat super hero.

Hard to be a great Super Hero when you look more like:


This is my introduction and the next post will be my goals and ideas for this blog. Over time I will answer more questions about myself but let's start off with some stats and bland information necessary for this epic battle. Based on this information, goals and plans can be mapped out for both exercise and nutrition.

1. Height. I am short, even for a female. Not very very, but it's just enough to get in the way and mean I'm supposed to weigh not very much at all. Height is 4'11".

2. Weight. I can't fly or hover, so my weight is like anyone else's, based upon the gravity pull and measured by a scale. Weight is 229 lbs.

3. Measurements. These vary so here is just the run down of measurements in inches.
Waist - 54
Chest - 46.5
Hips - 51
Arms - 15
Thighs - 26
Neck - 16.5

I would post before photos as many programs recommend, but I don't have a proper outfit for as my weight has made me lazy in that department. Maybe someday I'll figure out a good costume and post some pictures. But for now, the images are for my eyes only.

And that is my introduction. I start my nutrition and fitness plan today: July 15th, 2010. Let the fight begin!