Monday, December 20, 2010


What is motivation? Motivation is something that often gets talked about when working towards a weight loss goal. Especially around January when people start making resolutions, which often include health and weight loss goals. But what is the real motivation behind the goals/resolutions? What is needed for the change in fitness and nutrition to occur? What reasons are there for change? Will the movement keep going (as persistence is key in success)? So many questions and all around finding a motivation for change. But what is motivation exactly and what motivates you? What goals and rewards help in the struggles of maintaining motivation?

Motivation: The reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. This is a general definition from a dictionary.

In weight loss, motivation is the reason or reasons for changing behaviors to lose weight. Often times the motivation to lose weight is health factors, wanting to avoid health risks linked to obesity, but it can also be personal motivations like weddings and high school reunions. There are many different motivations available and it's usually a personal one for each person though some people will have similar reasons. But that's the basics of it. Motivation is a reason to do something.

One method is known as the carrot and stick. It's used in simple things like training pets to large organizations and even international affairs. The method has some variety as some people go with just the carrot while others go with just a stick. Just a carrot (reward) or just a stick (punishment), each have times when they work but the carrot and stick approach combines both as there is a reward in front and a threatening reality behind to get someone moving. Or the stick can hold the carrot, lol.

That is one way to look at it, at least. However, I prefer just to have the goal and visual approach when it comes to finding motivation. I view motivation as the reasons that help drive me to keep going even when times get hard and success doesn't seem to exist. Motivation is what helps persistence exist. There are many different kinds of motivations. So, to end this post I'm going to list a bunch of motivations and some will be my own and some won't. We'll say which ones are mine later, maybe. Or you can guess and see if anyone gets them right.

List of motivations for losing weight/getting fit:

Medical Professional Advice
Prevent Diabetes
Other Disease Prevention
Take Less Medication
Look Better Naked
Gain Confidence
Sky Dive
Marathon/Triathlon Participation
School Reunions
Perform on Stage
Fit Before Pregnancy
For Family
For Self
Wear a Two-Piece/Swimsuit
Enjoying Life
Ride Horses
and many more...

What are your motivations?