Saturday, December 11, 2010

Music for Working Out

Playlists are one of my favorite things to make. I've used them in novel writing and it really helps when I'm going to do an hour or so on the treadmill to have something playing in the background. Music even helps when I'm bowling, which is slightly exercise though probably not very much. I can listen to many different types of music when exercising in general, so here are a few options I consider.

Classical - I used to go on walks since we live out in the country and found especially during cold winter walks, listening to classical music worked very well. There are some strong, faster beats, it just depends on the song. Also, I listen to both instrumental and vocal because both have powerful options in sound and are good for listening to while walking. Not sure how they are for faster paced exercises.

Oldies - Best to listen to while bowling, that is for sure. I prefer to listen to oldies while bowling than current hits, except maybe an occasional cosmic bowling night with the fog machines and all. This music is just fun and that's what makes it good for listening to while working out. There is such variety, different types of beats, artists and the like to choose from that it's hard to say no to this music. And there is the memory of the old exercise tapes like Richard Simmons Sweating to the Oldies. lol

Modern - Okay, this lumps pretty much any type of song that has been done in the 2000's and 90's really. Upbeat tends to work better than slow but a variety is key to a good playlist because if it's all high energy then that can be exhausting where that change between super speed and breather slower ones can actually help. Now the songs shouldn't be really sad or very very slow but there can still be a mix of speeds to keep things interesting. Listen to whatever music you like, and sometimes try new ones.

Some Web sites to use:
Youtube is fun because if you set up a profile then you can save songs into different playlists. The only issue is that the page has to be open for songs to change because they are music videos instead of just streaming music.
This is a good site to hear different songs without picking out every single one. While there is a monthly limit for the free version, it is still useful. All that a person has to do is put in a few songs or artists they like and the generator will play those and others that are similar.
This site is where one can create different playlists that just streams music instead of having music videos. While there is a large plethora of songs available, it does have its limitations because there are a number of songs that can't be found on the site even by popular artists. But overall, it's a really good site for creating personal playlists.

Ipods are useful for exercising and listening to music whether at home or at the gym. Also, the program on the computer does allow for the making of playlists from music downloaded. One good part about it is that it's music that has been paid for (for the most part). It's always good to support the artists you enjoy. Even if you use a free playlist option, if there are artists or songs you find then consider buying the CD or getting the music on a program like Itunes to support the maker.

What music do you listen to while working out?
What programs do you use?
Any playlists you would recommend?


Annie said...

I listen to rock and roll, but mostly guitar-based music (jams from Sonny Landreth, Indigenous, Allman Brothers). I find that the rhythm keeps me going but the lack of words lets my thoughts run and that's part of what I love about running, it lets me think.

The Amai*Zing said...

Thank Annie. Guitar-based sounds like a good idea. Exercising is a good time to think, which is why I like the treadmill for walking. It works in the same way a shower can when I want to think about novels and that way I get some exercise too.