Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Walking. It seems like a simple, every day activity and yet adding an extra hour of walking a day can supposedly improve ones health along with aiding in weight loss.

Health benefits to walking from the Mayo Clinic web site:
1. Low impact, natural form of exercise
2. Lower blood pressure
3. Reduce risk of diabetes and/or help manage type 2
4. Manage weight
5. Improve mood

While watching television and not walking, I did noticed that some of the fitness/health professionals on the dieting shows often recommend walking to the people they are helping. One example is that of a little tv show titled "I Want to Save Your Life." The show features a man known as the "diet doctor" and he spends a week with the person/family that needs help and then returns several months after leaving to see how they did on their own. On every episode I've seen (when I have time to watch television and be lazy) there is always the tip to walk an hour or ninety minutes a day with a few days of resistance training per week.

A few tips from the Mayo Clinic on walking.
- wear walking shoes and comfortable clothing
- warm up. Either walk slow or walk in place for around 5 minutes.
- stretch lightly after warm up
- after walking do a light cool down similar to warm up then stretch again
- start slow and easy. Don't over do it right away.
- measure intensity of work out with a heart rate monitor

I would start a challenge but it's a little early for such activities since I currently have zero followers but I'm going to do a personal challenge. When there are followers I will have a walking challenge for others to take part in as well. For now, it's up to me to get things moving.
I'm going to start off slow.
2 weeks of 30 minutes a day
2 weeks of 45 minutes a day
1 month or more of 60 minutes a day

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