Saturday, January 15, 2011

Special K Challenge

This is about the challenge in general. The full review of it will come Friday.

The Challenge

2 Weeks - 2 special k meals - 2 special k snacks - 1 on your own meal - fruits/veggies

That is the basics of the challenge. The special k meals are either a bowl of cereal, a protein meal replacement bar or a protein meal replacement shake. The snacks include cereal bars, other snack bars, crackers and they even have chips now. The meal on the own is one they make recommendations for but healthy choices can be made that don't follow the meals recommended by the program. With the right extra meal along with the allowance of fruit and vegetables (allowed to have as many as want/can) this should lead to 1200-1400 calories for a single day.

The Promise

Lose 6lbs or a pant size after the 2 weeks.


There is a page on facebook, for social input and help through the challenge. Also, there are sources for meal ideas and fitness tips in order to help with the program. The web site has a few options for which program to follow and the meal plans can be edited in order to pick the snacks and meals desire (or to pick the ones available in your area because the site has them all but not every store will sell all their products.) The Challenge is a short term option, and one must forget that but for a short term jolt in the rut of unhealthy choices, it may be what some people need.

Next post... my review of how the special k challenge went for me.